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Beach landing

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Beach landing

Water expansion equipment - landing on the beach

I. Project Name: Water Expansion Equipment - Landing on the Beach (aka: Zawara Crossing, Crossing the River)

Second, the project specifications: 30cm2

Third, the project material: plastic bucket, bamboo, rope, paddle, life jacket, etc.

4. Project introduction: The team will create a ship at the fastest speed, and the team members will pass the prescribed waters to obtain the goal of the other side within the prescribed time. The party that first captures the flag or bypasses the preset in the reservoir. The floater wins, and the players in the event must pass by, and the water must not pass the player's knee.

V. Project purpose:

1. Develop planning, organization, and coordination skills to enhance mutual trust and understanding among team members;

2. Cultivate the ability of leadership and division of labor to coordinate and rationally utilize and allocate resources;

3, the goal is set, after clear goals, a team must work together to achieve success on the other side;

4. Cultivate a group decision-making and co-ordination awareness, and enhance the team spirit of mutual cooperation.

Six, note:

1. After the raft is tied, the test is carried out. The team members lift it up and shake it vigorously for ten seconds.

2. This project has certain risks. Users are advised to do their best. Underage and special people need to be guarded by guardians. They need to use their bodies when using them. It is forbidden to play and play during use. It is strictly forbidden to make dangerous actions.

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