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Hand ring bridge

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Hand ring bridge

Water expansion equipment - hand ring bridge

I. Project Name: Water Expansion Equipment - Hand Ring Bridge

Second, the project specifications: 10 * 1.2 * 2.5m (length * width * height)

Third, the project material: Ф 159mm steel pipe, Ф 76mm steel pipe, Ф 6mm chain, steel cable, etc.

4. Project introduction: The operator holds the sling and the horizontal bar, and the foot is on the steel wire to reach the opposite shore, paying attention to the coordination of the two feet.

V. Project purpose:

1. Exercise the balance and coordination ability of the limbs, enhance the psychological stability, and increase the courage to overcome difficulties;

2. Cultivate self-challenge, overcome psychological fear, and enhance courage, courage and perseverance;

3. Learn to adjust your emotions and effectively cope with and manage fear and stress;

4. Feel your own psychological growth and cultivate a good quality that goes forward.

Six, note:

1, the length can be designed according to the width of the water;

2. This project has certain risks. Users are advised to do their best. Underage and special people need to be guarded by guardians. They need to use their bodies when using them. It is forbidden to play and play during use. It is strictly forbidden to make dangerous actions.

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