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HT007-bouldering rock climbing

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HT007-bouldering rock climbing

Boulder climbing wall audio and video interactive system, consisting of workstations, display devices, operating terminals, printers, cloud data storage platforms, heart rate sensors, pressure sensors, miniature cameras, main cameras, portable headsets, small drones, built-in walkie-talkies, rock climbing pivots, The climbing wall is composed; the operation terminal includes a mobile phone and a computer, the display device includes a live monitor and a large screen at the scene; the cloud data storage platform, the printer, the display device and the workstation are wired connections; the heart rate sensor, the miniature camera, the pressure sensor, the main camera, and the portable The headset, the small drone and the workstation are wirelessly connected; the workstation transmits the video image captured by the small drone and the video image captured by the main camera to the live monitor, and transmits the video image captured by the micro camera to the large screen. The utility model helps the rock climber to communicate with the ground commander, and can record the information of the climber during the rock climbing process.

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