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Swing bridge

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Swing bridge

I. Project Name: High-altitude swing

Second, the nature of the project: high-altitude expansion training program

Third, the project content: the operator stands in the center of a wooden board (swing), holding the ropes on both sides, relying on the waist and abdomen swinging force to slowly make the swing swing, you can stop the swing by the reaction force.

Fourth, the project purpose:

1. Enhance the individual's ability to coordinate and balance the body and improve the support of the legs;

2. Develop self-challenge and the ability to overcome psychological fear;

3, exercise the will quality, temper the brave and fearless spirit.

Five, note:

The high-altitude project has certain dangers and must be implemented under the guidance of professionals; before the ascend, the use of helmets, seat belts, risers and other safety equipment and basic performance will be introduced, and the correct use of high-altitude safety equipment will be strictly checked and confirmed; It is necessary to wear elastic and appropriate sports clothing. It is not easy to carry hard objects such as mobile phones, keys, glasses, etc. The coach must know the history of the players in advance, pay special attention to the history of hypertension and heart disease, and cannot be forced.

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