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Wuhu Yujin Flower Ground Development Project

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Wuhu Yujin Flower Ground Development Project

The “Jinjin Flower Blossom” scenic spot is located in Taoyuan Village, Wanchao Town, Wuhu County. It has a planned total area of 1,165 mu and a total investment of 110 million yuan. It is gradually recycled to the production and processing, and the experience of rural tourism is the value of circular agriculture, scientific and technological agriculture, etc. The model has been upgraded in the industry, and the target has become a demonstration base for provincial-level idyllic complexes. The main scenic spots in the scenic spot include: the main cultural square, the Wanzhu Golden Guiyuan, the military museum exhibition, as well as the entertainment projects such as the shouting fountain, the net red swing bridge, the rainbow slide, the electronic flying target, as well as roses, marigold and Gesang flowers. Flower landscape. The “Jinjin Flower Blossom” scenic spot is the best tourist attraction for sightseeing, entertainment, parent-child activities, farming experience, and wedding photography!

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