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Jiangxi Jinggangshan Jungle Crossing Project

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Jiangxi Jinggangshan Jungle Crossing Project

Jinggang Mountain is located in the east of the Xiangdong-Western border, Wanyang Mountain (the middle section of the Luojing Mountain Range). It is said that some people have lived in Jinggangshan during the Eastern Han Dynasty. When the Qin Dynasty set up the county system, Jinggangshan was the territory of Fuling County in Jiujiang County. Jinggangshan is one of the most diverse biological divisions on the earth at the same latitude. Plants and fauna are complex, with many fauna and rich biological resources. Jinggangshan Landscape is divided into eight categories: peaks, rocks, waterfalls, meteorology, caves, hot springs, rare animals and plants and alpine pastoral scenery, of which 10 are listed as China's key cultural relics protection units. Jinggangshan is a scenic spot of mountain-type scenic spots, with natural features such as Huixiong, Qi, dangerous, steep, beautiful and quiet.

The jungle project undertaken by the company is located in Ciping Town. Ciping is the center of the revolutionary struggle of Jinggangshan in the same year. It is located in the small basin between the Chongshan Terrace. There are revolutionary museums, martyrs memorial towers, etc. From Ciping to various memorial sites and major scenic spots, there are roads connected. The five major whistle of the revolutionary battlefield is not far from Ciping, and there are five whistle roads.

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