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Guiyang City National Youth Guizhou Activity Camp Expansion Case

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Guiyang City National Youth Guizhou Activity Camp Expansion Case

The National Youth Guizhou Activity Camp (Guizhou Provincial Youth Activity Center) is affiliated to the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and is a public welfare second-class institution. Founded in July 1987, it was the project of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Secretary Hu Jintao for the healthy growth of Guizhou youth. It was one of the first camps named after the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. Guizhou Camp is located in Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, which is known as “Pearl of the Plateau” and “Cultural Area”. It covers an area of 105 mu. There are comprehensive buildings, camps, indoor and outdoor activities in the area. The organization has 10 departments including office, finance department, reception department, youth social education department, art palace, student management department, conference department, diet department, property management department and security department.

Guizhou Camp is the only provincial-level youth off-campus education activity center in Guizhou Province. Under the care of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, it has been under the leadership of the Communist Youth League of Guizhou Province and the support of the community and the business guidance of the Chinese Palace Association. Adhere to the cultivation and practice of the core values of socialism among the young people in the province, take the "Lide-de-tree" as the fundamental task, focus on cultivating the young people's innovative spirit and practical ability, and cultivate the "three-oriented" future talents as the basic requirements. . It is based on serving the youth social education and serving the Communist Youth League, and serving the social economy as a strong road. Adhere to the principle of "three provinces" (to save students, save effort, save time), "three hearts" spirit (to treat people with sincerity, to keep people with sincerity, to help others with love), and to commit to the continuous extension and improvement of service functions. It is a comprehensive activity base integrating education, training, development training, research and study, accommodation, and catering. Continue to carry out the "Growing Together under the Blue Sky" Guizhou Provincial Children's Public Welfare Summer Camp, "Guiqing Cup" Guizhou Province Youth Education Series Activities, Cultural Poverty Alleviation Grassroots "Mobile Children's Palace" into the countryside, into the campus and other activities, organize and receive each year More than 200,000 person-times of various types of youth cultural exchanges, summer camps for primary and secondary school students, various types of training, and quality development training activities.

The Guizhou Activity Camp has won the provincial “Five Good Grassroots Party Organization”, “The Province’s Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction Work”, “National Mass Sports Advanced Unit”, National Youth “Red Scarf” Demonstration Base, and “Provincial Demonstration Youth Comprehensive”. "Service Platform", "Joining Together under the Blue Sky" The left-behind children's charity summer camp was awarded several honorary titles such as the Basic Education Department of the Ministry of Education and the Excellent Case of the Chinese Palace Association. It is a "national moral education practice base" and a provincial "national defense education base"; it is a social practice education base for college students and a college students' ideological and political education base in Guizhou University for Nationalities and Guizhou University of Finance and Economics; it is established by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education. The provincial “leading” palace of Guizhou youth activity venues.

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