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Huaibei Jintailai Ecological Manor Rock Climbing Case

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Huaibei Jintailai Ecological Manor Rock Climbing Case

Huaibei Jintailai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a green ecological park with scientific research, tourism, planting, breeding and leisure as its tenet. As the development of tourism agriculture can optimize the industrial and economic combination of agriculture and forestry, protect the ecological environment, promote the development of the tourism industry, cultivate people's spiritual sentiments and enrich the life, and promote the development of surrounding areas. Therefore, we strive to build a collection of ornamental and popular science. A suburban tourism teaching and sightseeing park that combines leisure, participation and production, features an excellent ecological environment, and combines modern agriculture with sightseeing and scientific research.

The Huaibei outdoor climbing project is located in an open space in the Jintailai Ecological Manor in Huaibei City, Anhui Province. The overall climbing wall is 9 meters high and 5.4 meters wide. There are three climbing roads of different difficulty. It is suitable for people of different ages to climb. entertainment.

During the installation of this project, it coincided with the continuous high temperature in Huaibei area. At noon, the temperature outside the room was as high as 40 °C, and the temperature of the surface supporting the steel frame was 60-70 °C. It was not easy to touch the steel pipe by hand, otherwise it would be easy to burn a layer. skin!

The installation of the entire climbing wall is still slowly going on. Several workers in the outdoor work have dehydrated the heat for several times, but after a simple rest, they are still afraid of the heat and the environment, and they are always the first to climb the tiger. The purpose is to serve customers well, and to do conscience projects in the first place. After 5 working days, the whole climbing wall installation project was finally completed successfully!

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