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Chief Officer Tianchi Waterpark Shaking the same network Red Bridge

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Chief Officer Tianchi Waterpark Shaking the same network Red Bridge

The Chief Tianchi Water Park is located near Dongyuanzhuang Village, about 2 km southeast of Changguan Town, S237 Provincial Highway, Linquan County, Fuyang City. The park is mainly a summer water amusement park with water slides, water expansion and swimming pools.

In order to enrich the water expansion projects in the park, and to cater to the public's hobby for fresh and exciting water entertainment projects, the “Red Bridge”, which is currently hot on the vibrato, joins the existing swimming pool to bring entertainment on the Internet. Move to the reality, let more people in the local area feel the happiness brought by the net red bridge!

Net red bridge installation

Anhui Climbing Tiger expands professional design, production, installation and commissioning of various outdoor amusement equipment. Our main projects include: outdoor climbing wall, high-altitude polyhedral expansion, youth ground quality development, jungle crossing adventure, water expansion facilities, extreme grass , speedy slippery projects, etc.

You are welcome to visit the expansion bases, leisure farms, tourist villages, scenic spots and amusement parks. You can also ask for investment cooperation.

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