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Luoyang City, the inverted folk culture village outdoor climbing wall project

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Luoyang City, the inverted folk culture village outdoor climbing wall project

The Folk Culture Village is located in the east of Zhuge Town, Yibin District, Luoyang City. According to legend, Emperor Qianlong visited the Longmen Grottoes. When he was toasting, he sipped his neck and sipped his face to the sky, and the wine was drunk. The people changed the village to name the village. For 'pour the cup'. However, Zhuge Town has 'Dao Zhan Village', and there is no 'Dangyu Village'. The Longmen Grottoes of Emperor Qianlong’s tour are true. It’s a legend to drink alcohol here. This newly built folk culture village is also a village. It’s just a new folk culture village built by one of the treasures.

The village is 10 kilometers away from the Longmen Grottoes in the east, and next to the ski resort of Wan'an Mountain Scenic Area, the village is in a long gully. This year's National Day has just opened. The feeling here is that people are crowded with holiday people. In recent years, Luoyang has also been engaged in the construction of ancient villages and cultural parks like the whole country. The scale of the construction is the 'Weipao Village' in Mengjin County. 'Luoyu Ancient City', but 'Weipo Village', 'Luoyu Ancient City' has some old buildings, and is also a provincial-level cultural protection unit, and 'Dangyu Village' is a newly built ancient village, the lack of the original Yuxi Ancient Building, but it is possible to build a large-scale ancient village under the Wan'an Mountain. It is also a good point. The environment here is very good. There are mountains and trees, Luoyang snacks, no tickets, convenient transportation, and more leisure for tourists. The place.



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