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Climbing wall climbing skills for indoor climbing wall

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The indoor climbing wall is made by climbing artificially designed heights of varying heights (usually 6-8 meters high) with many different sizes of rock (composition: a mixture of solid minerals or minerals) for human limbs. With the location of the rock point, climb your feet to complete the rock climbing experience. Expanding the base construction Through well-designed training programs, trainers can achieve the training objectives of “honing the will, perfecting the personality, challenging themselves, and melting the team” in the process of analyzing problems, solving problems and coping with challenges. Adapted to the needs of the times to improve personality, improve quality and return to nature, so thousands of people are eager to become a new fashion of quality education.

One of the indoor climbing walls, grab the raised part of the rock (composition: a mixture of solid minerals or minerals) by hand. The development of training equipment manufacturers through the students in the outdoor practice of the mountains and seas, through personal experience to influence attitude changes, the experience of personal experience is referred to as experience. It is to use your own life to verify the facts, to feel life and to make an impression. What we experience makes us feel real, realistic, and impressed in the memory of the brain, so that we can always recall the life course that we have personally experienced, and therefore have a hunch for the future. The safety of expanding equipment is related to the quality of training. There are strict requirements for the design, materials, production process and specifications of the equipment. The expansion of the base facilities must be planned and installed by professionals. The expansion of base construction belongs to the outdoor experiential training industry. Various outdoor experiential activities are the main form of extended training. The safety of training is the necessary guarantee to achieve the training objectives.

Indoor climbing wall

The second part of the indoor climbing wall. 摳, hand rubbing the edges, the gaps and the edges of the rock (composition: a mixture of solid minerals or minerals).

The indoor climbing wall is three. Pulling, under the premise of grasping the front upper fixed point, the arm is attached to the rock wall, holding the stone gap or other terrain, and moving the body up or to the left and right with the arm and the arm. The construction of the climbing wall is assembled from hundreds of rock plates of less than 1 square meter. The rock plates can be assembled into different inclinations for climbing difficulty, such as the various rock states seen in nature such as the bent wall, the eaves, and the straight wall, which are fixed on the bracket to create various spatial shapes.

The fourth part of the indoor climbing wall. Push, use the side or below rock mass or object, and use the power of the arm to move the body. Zhang, put your hand into the gap, and bend it with your palm or fingers to grasp the gap between the rock (composition: a mixture of solid minerals or minerals) as a fulcrum and move the body.

The fifth part of the indoor climbing wall is to support the body with the force of the inside of the forefoot or the toes to reduce the burden on the upper limbs.

The six-span of the indoor climbing wall uses its own flexibility to avoid difficulties and seek for favorable support points.

Hanging on the indoor climbing wall. Hang the rock with the toes or heels (composition: a mixture of solid minerals or minerals) to maintain the body balance and move the body. Step on the foot and use the fulcrum at the front of the foot to reduce the burden on the upper limbs and move the body.

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