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Indoor climbing wall equipment construction process

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The indoor climbing wall uses a rock climbing board as a type 05A cast stone slab, concave-convex type, 900mmx900mm.

Indoor climbing wall rock equipment setting: indoor climbing wall equipment is 5.4 meters wide and 14.4 meters high, with 3 lanes, 1 difficulty lane, 2 speed lanes, 10.8 meters high speed track and 14.4 meters difficulty road. The indoor climbing wall is assembled with simulated 3D composite rock climbing slabs and has different angles of eaves. To adapt to different levels, different climbing needs.

Second, the structural design

The main equipment is:

One grinding wheel saw, three electric welding machines, three marble machines, safety belts, scaffolding, flat shovel, wrenches, several internal wrenches, switchboards, manual pulleys, etc.

Foundation construction of indoor climbing wall equipment: After entering the site, the foundation is laid, and the excavation is 6 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. The raft is injected once and the embedded parts are placed, and then 7-10 days of maintenance is carried out. After the foundation strength reaches the design requirements, the steel frame construction is carried out.

Indoor climbing wall

Indoor climbing wall equipment steel frame installation

Before the steel frame is constructed, the required profiles are cut according to the requirements of the construction drawings. The main steel frame and the channel steel are reliably welded according to the drawings. The welding height is ≥5mm (welded part with the embedded parts) and the remaining parts of the drawings are fully welded.

All steel frames must be rust-proof after installation

Manual rust removal, using wire brush and abrasive cloth to remove all rust on the steel surface;

Spraying an anti-rust primer, spraying a red iron base primer on the surface of the rust-removed steel member;

Spray anti-rust topcoat and spray iron red anti-rust topcoat on the surface of the component that has been sprayed with anti-rust primer.

Climbing board and fulcrum installation

Before the installation of the climbing board equipment, the drawings must be carefully pre-assembled to determine the overall effect, and the size of the climbing board is confirmed to be correct. When installing, pay attention to the fact that the connecting piece must be welded firmly and the climbing board is installed.

After the rock climbing board is installed, the combination adjustment, processing, and adjustment should be as close as possible to the original rock wall trend.

When the adjustment is completed, the fulcrum installation is carried out. When the fulcrum is installed, it depends on the use of each rock channel. The fulcrum must be installed securely, and there must be no rotation or looseness.

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