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What constitutes an indoor climbing wall?

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The climbing sport has in fact surpassed the level of pure sports and games. Rock climbing has been used as an effective tool for transforming individual personality by educators. So where are the indoor climbing walls used?

More and more government agencies at all levels, in response to the promotion of the “National Fitness Campaign”, have joined the facilities of the artificial rock field within their public facilities as a place for local residents to enjoy leisure activities. For example, an outdoor artificial rock field can be built in a park green space, or an indoor artificial rock climbing site can be built in a gymnasium or cultural center for public use. Many of the artificial rock fields constructed in the park by shotcrete construction are themselves Art sculptures not only allow people to enjoy the visual beauty, but also let the people personally touch and climb, and often become an important landmark in the local area.

Indoor climbing wall

Primary and secondary school kindergartens at all levels

Because rock climbing is a great help for children who are developing, indoor climbing walls are a coordinated movement of the senses and hands and feet, so many preschool educational institutions and primary schools have introduced rock climbing as part of school education, the Australian government even last year. At the beginning, rock climbing will be included in the compulsory course of national education. Many kindergartens in China now have an artificial climbing wall for children to climb. Many primary and secondary schools under preparation also include artificial rock climbing indoor climbing walls in their school buildings.

As for middle-schools and above, rock climbing can also play a very good role in the counseling work of over-representing young people's physical strength and emotional stress. In the system education, the introduction of adventure education will be the education of this century. A new direction of efforts, so in the future school building design, there will be more and more facilities related to the risk education curriculum need to be considered, artificial rock farm will also be an important part.

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