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What is the difference between an indoor climbing wall and an outdoor climbing w

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With the rise of rock climbing, indoor climbing wall production has become a kind of tide. In the production of indoor climbing wall, how to choose climbing board? The rock version can be divided into cast stone climbing board, wooden climbing board and seamless rock version. The cast stone climbing board can be divided into straight boards (the rock climbing board is a high-strength climbing board formed by organic synthetic material hand lay-up, which has high strength, long service life and is used in various natural environments).

Indoor climbing walls are generally divided into indoor and outdoor. Then, if you choose to invest in indoor rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing, if you leave the site restrictions. So what are the differences between the two?

Indoor climbing wall

The indoor climbing wall manufacturer analyzes the difference between the indoor climbing wall and the outdoor climbing wall from a professional perspective. The indoor climbing pavilion can be selected in the urban area. The time for customers to experience rock climbing is not limited. The time of office workers, residents, or fitness enthusiasts around the climbing hall is relatively free. You can choose a few hours of short time. Exercise does not take up too much time on the road.

Outdoor climbing walls are mostly in parks, expansion bases and other places, hesitant to receive site restrictions, most outdoor climbing projects in the suburbs. If you want to carry out a rock climbing project, you need to have a full day to do the rock climbing plan. Technically, the indoor climbing wall is limited in height, so it is mostly based on exercise. The outdoor indoor climbing wall is unrestricted in height and can be used as a choice for multiple tracks and difficult tracks, and more for rock climbers. From the perspective of climbing equipment, both need a lot of common equipment, such as high-altitude descending devices, seat belts, safety ropes, and main locks. Whether it is indoor or outdoor rock climbing, it is necessary to take safety precautions, safety equipment is essential!

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